Two Peaceful Acupuncture Treatment Locations in West Los Angeles

Julie Chambers in Acupuncture consultation

Julie Chambers' Acupuncture Treatment Room

I have heard some people say: “I would get acupuncture if I needed it, but I hope I never need acupuncture!” To me, this is like saying, “I hope I never need a massage!” Acupuncture makes people feel great; it’s relaxing, stress-reducing, and smile-inducing. Many people feel almost like liquid after acupuncture. Does it hurt, people want to know? Hardly at all, in my experience. You might feel a tiny prick just as if you touched a sewing needle, or you might feel nothing at all. Most people are surprised at how little they feel. And I use only the finest quality Japanese needles.

People ask what acupuncture actually does. Studies have shown that acupuncture stimulates areas of the brain that correspond to the placement of the needles along channels, or meridians. One recent study showed that acupuncture increased the levels of Natural Killer cells for eight days after treatment. Research also shows that during acupuncture, the body releases endorphins into the bloodstream, which is why people feel so good after acupuncture. It also stimulates blood flow, reduces pain, reduces inflammation, and moves energy evenly all over the body. When energy is blocked (such as when one’s hands and feet are cold but the rest of the body is not), acupuncture can redistribute energy to the blocked areas. Acupuncture also works on the mind, lifting the mood and relieving anxiety.

I can honestly say that the majority of people have a really good experience with acupuncture.


Two Westside Locations:

13315 Washington Blvd, Suite 304

Los Angeles, CA 90066

Lincoln Blvd and Navy Street

Santa Monica, CA 90405