Author: Julie Chambers

Chemotherapy and Chinese Herbs

I just attended a fascinating conference on oncology for acupuncturists, at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas. Some of the topics covered were: Dry mouth due to chemotherapy: this is a huge problem for some patients, who have trouble eating, speaking, sleeping and swallowing. There is no really effective Western treatment. The MD Anderson Cancer Center designed a study using acupuncture and a control group, with very good results.

Seasonal Allergies and Chinese Herbs

So many people suffer from seasonal allergies (“hay fever”) and allergies to common household irritants such as cat hair, dust and mold. This article is specifically about the type of allergic reaction that affects the nasal passages. I’ll refer to this as “allergic rhinitis.” A funny thing happened a few years ago when I prescribed herbs for a patient suffering with a stuffed nose, runny nose and nasal congestion. She was really miserable. For some