Author: Julie Chambers

Summer Drinks

My favorite herbal drinks in the summer always involve Bo He (Menthae Herba, mint leaves), and to your question about BBQ, I would combine Bo He with Shan Zha (Crataegi Fructus, hawthorn fruits). Not only is the combination a good balance between the cool Bo He and the warm Shan Zha, but it is a blending of pungent and fresh minty flavor with the sweet and sour taste of Shan Zha. Furthermore, Shan Zha, which

Chinese Medicine Improves Vacation

There are several common problems that come up when we are traveling. If you don’t wish to hear about bodily functions, read no further! One of the most common problems is constipation, euphemistically referred to as “irregularity.” There are many reasons this problem occurs: changes in schedule, rushing to catch a plane, lack of privacy, etc. I have often recommended that travelers use Peach Kernel Pills (also known as Run Chang Wan and Tao Ren