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Seasonal Allergies and Chinese Herbs

So many people suffer from seasonal allergies (“hay fever”) and allergies to common household irritants such as cat hair, dust and mold. This article is specifically about the type of allergic reaction that affects the nasal passages. I’ll refer to this as “allergic rhinitis.” A funny thing happened a few years ago when I prescribed herbs for a patient suffering with a stuffed nose, runny nose and nasal congestion. She was really miserable. For some

Chinese Medicine Improves Vacation

There are several common problems that come up when we are traveling. If you don’t wish to hear about bodily functions, read no further! One of the most common problems is constipation, euphemistically referred to as “irregularity.” There are many reasons this problem occurs: changes in schedule, rushing to catch a plane, lack of privacy, etc. I have often recommended that travelers use Peach Kernel Pills (also known as Run Chang Wan and Tao Ren