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Summer Drinks

My favorite herbal drinks in the summer always involve Bo He (Menthae Herba, mint leaves), and to your question about BBQ, I would combine Bo He with Shan Zha (Crataegi Fructus, hawthorn fruits). Not only is the combination a good balance between the cool Bo He and the warm Shan Zha, but it is a blending of pungent and fresh minty flavor with the sweet and sour taste of Shan Zha. Furthermore, Shan Zha, which

Unique Chinese Herbal Gifts

Rose-infused wine This is a beautiful and fragrant wine gift. Start with a good white wine (I like to use something slightly sweet, like a Muscat or a Riesling), and remove half the wine to another container, to make room for the rosebuds. Use about half a cup of Mei Gui Hua (which are red rosebuds that you can get from me), making sure they are very fragrant. Insert the rosebuds into the wine, cork