Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine Enhances Treatment for a Variety of Internal Conditions

Chinese Herbal Medicine Pharmacy
Close up of Chinese Herbal Medicine

At my two West Los Angeles locations (Culver City and Santa Monica), I stock a full raw herb pharmacy from which I create custom formulas for my patients. Some people don’t realize that herbs are a huge component of Chinese medicine, and one of the most important methods to treat a wide variety of internal conditions. Herbs, in addition to acupuncture, are essential for treating gynecological, hormonal, digestive, circulatory, and most skin conditions. The Chinese system of herbal classification is highly developed, and different from any other herbal system on earth. Herbs are classified by functional category, as well as by taste, temperature and what organs and parts of the body they treat. I am passionate about raw herbs, because I see their amazing effects every day in my practice. Some of the interesting successes I have had with herbal formulas include:

  • reducing frequent urination due to prostate enlargement
  • severe acne lessened by at least 50% with topical and internal application
  • diarrhea stopped dramatically with just one bag of herbs
  • amenorrhea (lack of menstruation) in a 32-year old woman, restored within just one week of treatment
  • and there are so many others

Chinese herbs can even shorten the duration of a common cold and dramatically reduce the symptoms. Please see my FAQs for more information on how to use Chinese herbs.


Two Westside Locations:

13315 Washington Blvd, Suite 304

Los Angeles, CA 90066

Lincoln Blvd and Navy Street

Santa Monica, CA 90405